Getting Care

AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire will pay for the care you need when you go to one of our health care providers. We call these providers our "network" providers. Network providers are providers that we have contracted with to provide health care services. You can find a network provider in our online provider directory.

Visit the online provider directory

A provider who is not one of ours is called "out-of-network." If you go to one of these providers, you may have to pay for the care you get.

When you are sick

Specialized care

  • Your Care Manager
    Our Care Managers can help you to manage your physical or behavioral health care needs.
  • Seeing a specialist
    Your PCP may send you to a specialist for some of your care.
  • Women’s services
    Women members can get many special health services without a referral.
  • Children's services
    Find out how you can help us keep all of our young members healthy
  • Telehealth
    You may be able to go to some of your health care appointments virtually. Learn more about telehealth services.
  • Preauthorizations
    We may need to approve some services before you visit a provider.
  • Services not covered
    Find out more about services that are not covered by our plan or by Medicaid. 
  • Continued care
    If you get ongoing treatment from a provider who is not in the AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire network, you may be able to continue that treatment.
  • The Importance of Flu Vaccines
    Everyone six months and older should get a flu shot every year. Getting a flu shot is an important step to help protect yourself from the flu.

If you have questions about your benefits or AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire, call AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire Member Services at 1‑833‑704‑1177 (TTY 1‑855‑534‑6730), 24 hours a day, seven days a week.