Your Care Manager

Managing your health care alone can be hard, especially if you are dealing with many health problems at the same time. If you need extra support to get and stay healthy, we can help. As a member of AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire, you may have a Care Manager on your health care team. A Care Manager is a specially trained health professional who works with you and your providers to make sure you get the right care when and where you need it.

Your Care Manager can:

  • Coordinate your appointments and help arrange for transportation to and from your provider.
  • Support you in reaching your goals to better manage your ongoing health conditions.
  • Answer questions about what your medicines do and how to take them.
  • Follow up with your providers about your care.
  • Connect you to helpful resources in your community.
  • Help you continue to receive the care you need if you switch health plans or providers.

Connect to a Care Manager who specializes in supporting:

  • People who need access to services like personal care services to help manage activities of daily living (like eating or bathing) and household tasks.
  • Pregnant women with certain health issues (like diabetes) or other concerns (like wanting help to quit smoking).
  • Children from birth to age 5 who may live in stressful situations or have certain health conditions or disabilities.

At times, a member of your primary care provider's (PCP's) team will be your Care Manager. To learn more about how you get can extra support to manage your health, talk to your PCP or call Member Services at 1‑833‑704‑1177 (TTY 1‑855‑534‑6730) or the Rapid Response and Outreach Team at 1‑833‑212‑2264.