Submitting Claims Electronically

AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire contracts with Change Healthcare to offer state-of-the-art electronic data interchange (EDI) and other electronic billing services. Use of EDI can boost claims submission efficiency and timeliness of reimbursement to enhance your revenue cycle.

Submitting claims electronically (EDI)

AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire claims can be submitted electronically through Change Healthcare, or via another clearinghouse. Contact your EDI clearinghouse or Change Healthcare at 1-877-363-3666 to inform them that you wish to initiate electronic claim submissions to AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire. Or visit Change Healthcare's website for information on enrolling.

AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire does not require you to enroll with Change Healthcare to submit electronic claims. If you already use another EDI vendor to submit claims electronically, inform your vendor of the AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire EDI payer ID: 87716.

For technical support while sending claims electronically, providers may contact EDI Technical Support at 1-833-686-2264 to arrange transmission and for assistance in beginning electronic submissions.

Direct submission

Solo or family practices with three or fewer providers with a claims volume of less than 25 a month can submit directly to Change Healthcare at no cost through WebConnect. WebConnect provides two methods for submitting claims: key-in manually or import batches of claims. There is no cost to "key in" claims using WebConnect. Providers should call 1-877-363-3666 and follow the appropriate prompts or go to for information on enrolling for direct submission to Change Healthcare. Change Healthcare will also provide information on their various electronic solutions, the requirements for connectivity, and setup.

Electronic remittance advice (ERA) or 835 transmissions

Many systems utilize the 835 file to generate ERA reports and auto-post payments.

If you have a practice management or hospital information system vendor, it is responsible for facilitating transmissions with Change Healthcare. If applicable, please check with your software vendor to confirm that you can process ERA or 835 files.

If your vendor has this ability, they can provide instructions on how to receive ERAs from AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire.

If your vendor does not have the ability to process ERA transmissions, please call Change Healthcare's customer service at 1-877-363-3666 and follow the appropriate prompts to speak to a Change Healthcare customer service representative about alternative ERA options.

Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

EFT simplifies reimbursement by replacing paper checks with direct deposits. Studies show providers save an estimated $1.53 per payment received by EFT compared to paper check payments.1

As part of its suite of services, Change Healthcare offers EFT to AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire providers. While you do not have to enroll with Change Healthcare for electronic claims submission or ERA, you must enroll with Change Healthcare to receive EFT.

Enroll in EFT with Change Healthcare to help minimize risk, reduce administrative overhead, and get access to payments more quickly.

New and existing Change Healthcare EFT users

  • If you would like to enroll in EFT or submit changes to your existing account, please request the appropriate EFT online enrollment forms. Change Healthcare will email you back with the enrollment form that you select.
  • Change existing e-payment banking
  • Deactivate existing e-payment banking
  • Add/change/delete EFT payers
  • EFT Test Transaction Resubmission Form
  • Payment Manager Authorization Form

1CORE and NACHA, “Provider Case Studies in EFT/ERA Implementation,” PowerPoint presentation, CAQH, February 26, 2015,